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A surprisingly complex and personal story. A fearless performance!”
— Time Out New York
An affecting and intensely personal memoir that offers a first-hand glimpse into burlesque’s bawdy — and for women sometimes perilous — underworld.
— Deborah Klugman, Stage Raw
Profoundly honest and unbelievably elevating, Naked In Alaska is one of the most highly recommended shows to see this season for the content and the physicality.
— Gia On The Move
Hager’s performance is astonishing!
— The List
The show is so fearless, candid, and personal that it is impossible not to be moved.
— Maxamoo
A visual masterpiece… An audiovisual feast, dynamically performed and produced with flair, Naked in Alaska is an honest, funny and fast-paced walk on the wild side.
— A Younger Theatre
A powerful, entrancing performance… [Hager is] a spectacular performer who has the range and versatility of a Lily Tomlin or Whoopi Goldberg!
— Performing Arts Insider NYC
One of the greatest pleasures of FringeNYC… Valerie Hager is a dazzling artist!
— Hy On the Fringe
Heartbreaking and wonderful.
— LoveFringe
It’s her vulnerability, her heart, not just her parts, that made all of us in the audience fall in love with her, and root her on… Hilarious and charming… Valerie Hager is a guiding light!
— NYTheatre
Our mouths are left dangling at what Hager went through. However, these instants are interspersed with perfect comic timing and enjoyable dance numbers, making for a wonderful show!
— Washington Square News
The piece is incredibly personal… new, funny, and raw... all the reasons to run to grab your ticket now… When studying global warming and the melting of the glaciers in Alaska, scientists forgot one factor and her name is Valerie Hager—she is on fire!
— Usher Nonsense
Raw and entertaining… Hager pulls few punches. Naked In Alaska is captivating and convincing. We’re with her all the way!
— Woman Around the Town
A talented and engaging solo performance with jaw‐dropping moments throughout.
— Theatre is Easy
An intelligent and energetic walk on the wild side!
— The Stage
A high octane one woman show… a talented actress!
— Edinburgh Guide
I will not be able to capture the sheer joie de vivre Hager brings. Even at its bleakest, Hager engines out an agility, speed and enthusiasm. Her presence is magnetic. A standout actor!
— Broadway Baby
Valerie Hager tackles the challenges of a solo show magnificently in Naked In Alaska… demonstrating huge acting ability.
— Three Weeks
One of those plays you leave feeling someone has just shared a part of her soul with you.
— Zurika Fringe Review
Hager has fine acting skills... [and] the gymnastic skill to suspend herself in many difficult positions on a pole!
— FringeFan
A fearless and honest solo show… funny, fierce, and physically impressive… the story is unflinching!
— Edinburgh Spotlight
Hager’s Naked in Alaska successfully and unapologetically tells a tale that transcends its personal roots in her story about stripping on the last frontier. By baring her soul and sharing her heartache and triumphs, Ms. Hager shows us that we are not alone and gives us the greatest gift of all—hope!
— New York Theatre Review
You will root for her indomitable spirit and celebrate the triumph of Valerie Hager in Naked In Alaska!
— Off-Broadway
Hager’s energy, honesty and humor kept the crowd rollicking with laughter and applauding her seductive pole dancing. As one audience member said, ‘I am so glad I came, so glad!’
— OffOffOnline
60 minutes of magic! I only wish that this show were here for more performances!
— Around the Town Chicago
When the lights come back up, thunderous applause explodes... A beautiful night of sharing!
— Recensito (Rome, Italy)
Breathtakingly sensual!
— The Scotsman
Valerie Hager dazzles… Her pole work is definitely awesome!
— Hi! Drama
We see into the heart and lifeforce of Valerie Hager through her teenage years, escape to dance, raw treatment by lovers, and eventual escape from this life. I hope this piece will have a long life!
— UK Producer Chris Grady
It is beyond rare to find an artist who is at once this gifted a storyteller with this level of craft and acting chops, who also has the power to write with such a visceral glow as to not simply deliver a monologue to an audience, but to virtually bring her audience inside her own head to experience that internal monologue right along with her!
— Off-Broadway Producer Cas Marino

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Click image above to view or download Naked In Alaska's digital media kit.

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Click image above to view or download Naked In Alaska's Bootleg Theater press release